Enhance Your Shooting Experience with Comprehensive Accessories and Equipment

Elevate your shooting experience with our premium Shooting Rest Bag, meticulously designed to enhance your accuracy and stability on the field. Provides a user-friendly, steady & solid shooting system for rifles, shotguns & muzzle loaders. Ideal for changing shooting positions quickly and quietly. Supports almost any rifle or shotgun type and gives everything you need for solid, wobble free shooting. You can fill your bags with, sand , kitty litter, corn , soybeans, rice, lead shot, cleaning media. Quick-connect feature makes bag transport easy.
  • 🔥MULTI-USE Designed to create a solid and steady platform when aiming your rifle. Supports almost any rifle or shotgun type and gives everything you need for solid, wobble free shooting, especially at the range.
  • 🔥DURABLE & WATER-RESISTANT Made of durable, water-resistant 600 denier polyester. Stay sturdy even after years of use, perfect for outdoor activities in extreme environment.
  • 🔥PROTECT YOUR RIFLE Made of durable oxford cloth and high-temperature resistant artifical leather, it have a non-damaging finish that prevents the rifle from leaving any unwanted marks or scratches.
  • 🔥EASY TRANSPORT Small and lightweight. Quick-connect shoulder carrying straps on both bags ensure easy transport. It also can be filled with sand or other filler when needed.
🔥WARRANTY Backed by 1-year warranty for worry-free exchange, free exchange is guaranteed if product is defective.


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