Colt, Kimber, Regent, Taurus, Springfield, Ruger, Girsan, SW 1911 Gold Metal Grips

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* 1911 Goverment Colt, Kimber, Springfield Full Size Wood Grips 
* Fully compatible with your gun
* Does not adapt to forged and handcrafted weapons
* Screws are not included *
* Cool And Swanky


If you are looking for a solid gun handle with a classy look, the wood handles are your choice, they are also very useful and functional, less likely to drag on clothing or print when carrying concealed STYLISH DESIGN
*You can contact us for your personalized grips requests. The most original grips will be yours. Artistic and Decorative.

*You can view our special root walnut grips catalog in our store.

RETURN: If you want to return the product, you must pay the international shipping cost.

*Warranty : If there is any problem with the product, we provide immediate replacement.

If you are not sure about your gun model, you can ask us about compatibility. 

Attention: The product is only compatible with original guns. Not compatible with revised or airsoft guns.